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Chapter 2

Navigating a Marketplace of Misinformation

Misinformation is tearing society apart. The best way to snuff out lies is to expose them and replace them with the truth, whether the distortions concern elections, public health, or product reviews. You can make the difference. We’ll show you how.

Steps you can take

Here are some personal steps, included in Buyer Aware, that you can take to help you and your family navigate the misinformation that floods our marketplace.

More Resources

Electronic Frontier Foundation

  • The leading nonprofit defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation.

PEN America

  • PEN America stands at the intersection of literature and human rights to protect open expression in the United States and worldwide.

Ranking Digital Rights

  • Ranking Digital Rights advances corporate accountability for human rights in the digital age.

Tech Transparency Project

  • TTP is an information and research hub for journalists, academics, policymakers and members of the public interested in exploring the influence of the major technology platforms on politics, policy, and our lives.